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Technology: Incoming!!!

You maybe surprised working at ninemsn that we’re heavily involved in Microsoft software!!

The Australian online media is in a strange position with the big powerhouse media companies being so tightly associated with major tech companies (unlike the BBC for instance). Channel 7 partnered with Yahoo, Fairfax with Google (in a deal that made little sense to anyone).

With technology helping these companies be more and more of a differentiator it’s interesting to look at what new products/services are being released and how it might give it, or us, a competitor advantage.

So what am I most excited about?

  • Silverlight – Right now its video capabilities beats Flash video, it also finally has a Z axis so watch 3D finally get traction on the web. Once 1.1 is released we’ll have .net framework capabilities to allow us developers to fully explore rich user interfaces.
  • Photosynth – quite simply the most visually stunning software MS has built to date.
  • Popfly – Still in alpha phase and built in Sliverlight, it allows for mashups and even lets you get your hands dirty in code.
  • Live “cloud” – From the press releases coming out it looks like us developers are going to have a mega-sandbox.

I’ll go into these in more detail over the coming weeks. Web 2.0 is quickly being followed by webdev 2.0…could HTML one day join Netscape?

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