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New Years resolution

So here I am working on New Years eve, so it’s time to make my resolution official by putting it on my blog.

Paul Keen 2008 resolutions

  • Blogging: Take blogging seriously by consistently creating insightful, thoughtful entries.
  • Silverlight app: I promise to create a silverlight app in the first quarter of next year (I have to now the Delicate Genius has given me a t-shirt)
  • Get up earlier: I’m going to set my alarm a half hour earlier to 5:30am to fit in everything I need to do in the morning and also spend some time with my family.
  • MBA: Get my post grad diploma by the end of the year and move onto my masters.
  • ninemsn – I’m going to build two class leading web sites that I’ll be proud of boasting about in the pub.

So no resolutions about diets or reducing my alcohol intake because, well, that’s not going to happen!

Have a great New Year and lets make next year an even better one.

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