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News 2008 beta

Please note that this blog should not be reproduced by the media. It contains my personal views which may not reflect that of ninemsn.

After months of work we have now launch our new News site to beta!


Over the next week I’ll blog about some of the features of the new site and technical aspects but for now here’s an overview of some of the site features:

What’s happening now: A feed containing all the latest articles, video, sideshows and votes. It also includes editorially interesting elements such as the first comment or the new most popular.


The Flock: a complete rating and commenting mechanism to show what stories are important and also also their opinion (think Twitter meets Digg)


Scorecard: virtual news editor picking stories not just what we think is relevant but also based around your usage.


Best of The Web: news aggregator of latest stories from the most respected news outlets.


Overall the site has been widened and cleaned up with lots of white space. We’ve also spent a lot of time helping out our internal journos to be able to spend less time managing the site and more time building the content. This means better stories, more pictures and more video.

We’ll be running the site beta testing for less than a week and then publish to live.

We hope you like it.

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