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7 ways to vaccinate yourself against boring thinking

As part of our internal UX series, Dr Amather Imber gave a hugely entertaining hour on 7 science-based ways to boost your own individual creativity.

The seven rules are:

#1 Warm up your brain beforehand

#2 Warm-coloured environments increases creativity

#3 Shifting increases the diversity and number of ideas generated

#4 Constraints increases creativity

#5 Exposure to a wide amount of information increases creativity

#6 Recognition (not reward) increases creativity

#7 Deviance boost creativity

All these points were explained and based around science and academic studies. Some of the experiments we did in the meeting really came as a surprise.

Next week Hyro are coming in to re-present their Remix presentation.

More details on Amantha and Inventium.

Dr Amantha Imber is the Head Inventiologist at Inventium, a company dedicated to helping people think more creatively. Amantha has that rare talent of taking learnings from science and academia and applying them to practical, real-world situations. Indeed, all the tools and techniques that Inventium teaches have a scientific basis. So they actually work. Inventium has clients across Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Europe, including Deloitte, Fosters, BP, Australia Post, AMP, Qantas, and Clemenger BBDO.

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