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Personal update

April 3, 2009 Leave a comment

So lots has been happening in my humble life, blogging not one of them. Although I’ve also putting most of my random thoughts of onto Twitter.

On a professional front, my role at ninemsn has expanded to become a Senior Program Manager which entails a more business less technical role. With recent changes again to the organisation my portfolio now includes network home, news, sport, finance, current affairs and other key entry points.

ninemsn portfolio

On a personal front I have moved house and instead of making my 10 minute door-to-door commute, I now travel 2 hours each way to work! I’ve moved down to the beautiful Southern Highlands to a town called Mittagong. Country living is fantastic and the commute is bearable…just.

The other major news is that my family has expanded to join the wife, son Jackson, two dogs and a cat with a new baby girl. Madeline Lucy Keen was born on 28th March 2009 and the whole house is smitten.

From an article in the Daily Telegraph

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