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ninemsn Beijing Olympics

July 25, 2008 Leave a comment

Today we’ve launched our new Olympics section. Like all other non-rights media we’ll be covering the Olympics extensively 🙂 showing latest news, results and medal tally’s along with videos of the important events during the games.


Not sure if we’ll win the ratings race but we hope you enjoy the experience.

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ninemsn unveils iPhone-friendly site

July 9, 2008 1 comment

Back from hols and all the talk is the iPhone launch on the 11th July.

So with just two days to go before the most anticipated launch in ‘techy’ mobile history, ninemsn unveils its ninemsn homepage created especially for the iPhone. 

ninemsn for iPhone offers a selection of its content optimised for mobile internet browsing.

ninemsn for iPhone is a one-stop hub where people can be informed, educated and entertained while accessing all the information, entertainment and lifestyle sites ninemsn has to offer.

From ninemsn home on the iPhone,  people will be able to browse ninemsn’s made-for-mobile products such as National Nine News, Windows Live Hotmail, Windows Live Messenger, Live Search, RALPH, Cleo, CelebrityFIX , the great yourtime guides and more.

Go to from an iPhone to find iPhone style  icons, images, and touch screen navigation. 


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Silverlight: 6pm bulletin

June 2, 2008 2 comments

A while ago I promised to build a Silverlight app in the first quarter, whilst that didn’t happen we’ve finally built our first ninemsn site using Silverlight, the National Nine News 6pm Bulletin.


From 6pm every night we’ll be live streaming the news for Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane locations. You can choose to view the stream in either Silverlight or Windows Media Player (from those who can’t or won’t install the plug-in).

Along with the stream we’ve selected stories that match the bulletin so you can get more detailed information about the topic.

A lot of infrastructure changes have gone on in the background including upgrading Channel nine and Hostworks environment. We’ve also done a bit of testing the 640px wide screen works well at a bit rate the same as our standard 320px video player.


Out of interest, from the soft-launch stats 55% of people have chosen the Silverlight player which is a great result for the technology considering our non-technical user base.

Newsroom of the future

February 16, 2008 Leave a comment

Chris O’Brien discusses the newsroom of the future.

I’m new to all this Newsy stuff but I’ve seen first hand the benefits of ninemsn and the National Nine News team sitting together. Technology, whatever it is, cannot replace the 360 feedback you get from face-to-face conversation and as they say in the article, who would want to miss out on the energy a breaking news story generates.

I know the stock exchange lost the energy when they moved brokers to screen starers but they benefited from speed and accuracy. A virtual newroom would benefit neither of those.

Anyway, Chris is amongst other to organise The Next Newsroom Conference on April 3-4 at Duke University. Registration is now open.

Max, are you going to be flying me business class?

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February 15, 2008 Leave a comment

Our lovely competitors at News Limited have just launched NewsSpace, an integrated trade site for the media industry.

All credit to them, they’ve done a good job with some really nice functionality.

Of course, all media buyers please ignore and go to ninemsn!

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ninemsn and Yahoo7

February 6, 2008 Leave a comment

As you can imagine I’m getting a lot of questions about Microsoft attempting to buy Yahoo and I’d love to give me full opinion about it, but for fear of loosing my job I’ll leave it for the professional commentary.

ZDNet have followed up on yesterday’s piece, with another good article on the potential takeover.

I don’t necessarily agree that it will be all doom and gloom for either joint venture for the simple reason that cross-media selling has been so popular with media buyers. The media seems to forget about display advertising (video or images) rather than simple textural results which only work in one medium (search results).

Advertisers are still slow on moving to the online world with their large audience figures (compared to traditional mediums such as radio) and as they do over the next year it wouldn’t make any sense to break up either ventures. Keep them separate and draw in the dollars.

…opps I’m giving my opinion…

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