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Personal update

April 3, 2009 Leave a comment

So lots has been happening in my humble life, blogging not one of them. Although I’ve also putting most of my random thoughts of onto Twitter.

On a professional front, my role at ninemsn has expanded to become a Senior Program Manager which entails a more business less technical role. With recent changes again to the organisation my portfolio now includes network home, news, sport, finance, current affairs and other key entry points.

ninemsn portfolio

On a personal front I have moved house and instead of making my 10 minute door-to-door commute, I now travel 2 hours each way to work! I’ve moved down to the beautiful Southern Highlands to a town called Mittagong. Country living is fantastic and the commute is bearable…just.

The other major news is that my family has expanded to join the wife, son Jackson, two dogs and a cat with a new baby girl. Madeline Lucy Keen was born on 28th March 2009 and the whole house is smitten.

From an article in the Daily Telegraph

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New portfolio at ninemsn

September 3, 2008 2 comments

Another year and another restructure at ninemsn. I loose Sport from my portfolio but pick up Entertainment along with a whole new team (3 Developers).

Here are the list of the sites under my portfolio.

News and Current Affair


It’s a lot of work for a team of four but it’s going to be a fun challenge.

Scrum and TFS

September 1, 2008 1 comment

So I’ve finally moved on from my beloved whiteboard and now all my Scrum activity is sitting pretty in TFS.

TFS installation is painful and happily passed to our Enterprise Architect but from a user (client aka me!) perspective I installed the following.

We work on a 90 day planning cycle across the business and whilst always iterating I do my planning, executing and evaluating using the following tools.


No matter how much I try and do away with it, Microsoft Project is an excellent planning tool, it just gets nasty maintaining the damn thing.


I take the Scrum template from the Team Project toolbar, do my normal waterfall planning and then publish it back into TFS. Each task item is then created as a Product Backlog Item


I execute (or maintain) my Backlog Items in Visual Studio and Task Board. VS is great for flushing out my details of my use cases or stories as well as creating the iterations needed.


On a day to day basis I use Task Board (currently in beta) to create Sprint Backlog items and move them from left to right (not started, in progress, ready for test, done). I generally get Developers to move them after our Daily Scrum.


Bugs (non active PBI) can also be created here or via the TFS website.


Of course we don’t need to review anything because everything is going so smoothly! However on that odd occasion you need an overall view, reporting is well integrated with Sprint Burndowns, Bug reporting etc.


On a side note, the whole company is now using Scrum. Always have a little smile when I hear Journos and Producers trying to work out what Product Backlog Item needs to go into which Sprint.

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Birthday present

July 25, 2008 2 comments

Well I hit another birthday milestone today. The wife asked me what I wanted and I replied a motorbike. Whilst the wife didn’t deliver, my team did.


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7 ways to vaccinate yourself against boring thinking

July 15, 2008 Leave a comment

As part of our internal UX series, Dr Amather Imber gave a hugely entertaining hour on 7 science-based ways to boost your own individual creativity.

The seven rules are:

#1 Warm up your brain beforehand

#2 Warm-coloured environments increases creativity

#3 Shifting increases the diversity and number of ideas generated

#4 Constraints increases creativity

#5 Exposure to a wide amount of information increases creativity

#6 Recognition (not reward) increases creativity

#7 Deviance boost creativity

All these points were explained and based around science and academic studies. Some of the experiments we did in the meeting really came as a surprise.

Next week Hyro are coming in to re-present their Remix presentation.

More details on Amantha and Inventium.

Dr Amantha Imber is the Head Inventiologist at Inventium, a company dedicated to helping people think more creatively. Amantha has that rare talent of taking learnings from science and academia and applying them to practical, real-world situations. Indeed, all the tools and techniques that Inventium teaches have a scientific basis. So they actually work. Inventium has clients across Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Europe, including Deloitte, Fosters, BP, Australia Post, AMP, Qantas, and Clemenger BBDO.

Going to Southampton

June 15, 2008 Leave a comment

I’m off on holiday back to my home town Southampton, England (home of the Saints, Matt Le Tissier and Benny Hill) for a friends wedding.


It’s only been my second visit in eight years and last time I only spent a few days at home so it will be great to see the New Forest again and revisit my old pubs.



See you in two weeks!

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Twitter me softly

June 8, 2008 Leave a comment

…with his words…

I know, I know a late coming and just when everyone is leaving for FriendFeed, but follow me if you will.

Oh, and FriendFeed for those who really like lots of noise.

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