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M700: New laptop arrives

May 6, 2008 1 comment

Out of the blue our IT department gave me a new laptop as part of the beta testing for the company. Being an avid tablet user I found lots of bugs with our last build but this time it’s all been plain sailing.

Replacing my old M400 is a new and almost identical M700.


For in-depth review check out Tablet PC Review and of course CNET.

So what do I think after a day of using it? Well the screen is wider but overall smaller than the M400 and almost looks like a pre-2000 laptop screen. It is very bright though and love the touch capability…even if I do use it only once! The keyboard is bouncy but not enough to really put your off (it’s no Apple keyboard)

The best thing about the machine is the performance, this thing fly’s! Opens Visual Studio in about a second and docks and undocks really quickly making jumping into meetings a lot less frustrating.

Below are the specs of the laptop and also what what our Devs get for their desktop at ninemsn.

Toshiba M700 (Laptop) – 4GB RAM, Dual Core CPU, 120GB hard drive, 128MB graphics card.

HP 7800 (PC) = 4GB RAM, Quad Core CPU, 160GB hard drive, 256MB graphics card

Monitor (Samsung) – 20 inch wide screen

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