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April 1, 2008 Leave a comment

Like all of us, time is in short supply so I love being able to catch up on the geek world whilst walking the dogs in the morning.

A couple of podcasts I liked so far this week…

The Scoop: Facebook, MySpace, Bebo defend social media – Interesting having a panel with some of the leaders of social networks. Obviously my ears prick up when they mentioned ninemsn dabbling in social tools (not as far as I can tell). I also agree that it’s very hard for us portals with the all things to all people mentality to properly build social networks, but try we will to some degree as UGC has been a great success for us over the past year.

Digital Planet: 24 March – Best part is listening to how Microsoft and AC Milan are working together on sports science. I knew that was the reason I never became a professional footballer. It wasn’t my ability…I just didn’t have the right technology!!

Oh, and whilst not a podcast, it was good to see my fiends at get featured on BBC’s Click


Podcast: The end of social networking

March 4, 2008 Leave a comment

Yesterday I listened to a good podcast from The Scoop about the end of social networking.

Thankfully, the terrible question quickly moved on thanks to Chris Saad (after finally remembering the question) when he said Facebook will only die if it doesn’t adapt to change. The half hour conversation then moved onto more interesting topics about data portability and the social graph.

Oh, and it’s good to know someone else thinks Facebook’s greatest achievement was the mini-feed, I’ve been arguing that internally for a while.

The Scoop podcasts are really quite informative, well worth listening to while taking the dogs for a walk.