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ninemsn and Yahoo7

February 6, 2008 Leave a comment

As you can imagine I’m getting a lot of questions about Microsoft attempting to buy Yahoo and I’d love to give me full opinion about it, but for fear of loosing my job I’ll leave it for the professional commentary.

ZDNet have followed up on yesterday’s piece, with another good article on the potential takeover.

I don’t necessarily agree that it will be all doom and gloom for either joint venture for the simple reason that cross-media selling has been so popular with media buyers. The media seems to forget about display advertising (video or images) rather than simple textural results which only work in one medium (search results).

Advertisers are still slow on moving to the online world with their large audience figures (compared to traditional mediums such as radio) and as they do over the next year it wouldn’t make any sense to break up either ventures. Keep them separate and draw in the dollars.

…opps I’m giving my opinion…

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